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    March 16 - April 3 will be #iLearnPulaski Days 3 - 17.  April 13 - 17 will be #iLearnPulaski Days 18 - 22.  Complete all assignments for these days.

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"How To" Topics for iLearn Days

How to Log In To Google Classroom and Join A Class

You can see a video tutorial below


Step 1: open a browser such as Firefox or Chrome

Step 2: In the address bar at the top type classroom.google.com or on the SMS homepage (sms.pulaski.net) click the button on the top right corner of the page

Step 3: Click “go to classroom” in the middle of the page to enter your username and password

Step 4: You must know your school email address and password to log in.

Step 5: Follow the next couple of screens to log in completely. If this is the first time you have logged into Google Classroom then choose “student” as your role.   

Step 6: If the student hasn’t joined a class...Once logged in press the sign in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you will add the class code given by your teacher to join classes.


How to Access Your School Email

1. Open a browser on your computer such as Firefox or Chrome.

2. Visit the school homepage at sms.pulaski.net then click on or go straight to Gmail by typing in mail.google.com 

3. Use your school email address which typically looks like firstname.lastname@stu.pulaski.kyschools.us and your password is the same password you use for Google Classroom or to log into your computer at school. 


How to Log Into Reading Plus

1. Open a Browser on your computer such as Firefox or Chrome

2. In the address bar type www.readingplus.com

3. Click "Log In" then select "Student Login"

4. When asked for a site code enter southmiddle (no spaces and all lower case)

5. Student usernames are their 10 digit student ID's and their password is warriors


How to Log into Moby Max

1. Visit www.mobymax.com

2. Click "sign In"

3. Type in Southern Middle School as the school name and pick the Southern Middle in Somerset, KY since there will be others listed.

4. Enter your username and password. Your username is your 10 digit student ID and your password is warriors

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